[editorial] Finnish Children’s and Youth Books XVI

You are reading Finnish Children’s and Youth Books XVI published by IBBY Finland. This volume of Finnish Children’s and Youth Books (Virikkeitä, issue 2, 2018) is second English issue published as an open access online publication. You can read the previous issue  (Finnish Children’s and Youth Books XV) by clicking here.

In the field of children’s and youth literature and culture, IBBY Finland works both nationally and internationally. As members of IBBY, we wish to promote Finnish children’s and youth literature, culture and knowledge to other IBBY national sections, as well as raise awareness of international developments in children’s and youth literature in Finland. We encourage and invite everyone to step into the world of reading.

Finnish Children’s and Youth Books XVI includes articles discussing interesting phenomena in Finnish children’s literature, such as anti-racism, wordless or silent books and books that are aimed for or written about young people with disabilities.

Many different looking dads in Sanna Mander´s poetry book Lost Key (Avain hukassa), S&S 2017.

PhD Jaana Pesonen examines racism in Finnish society and in Finnish children’s literature in her article What is – or could be – ‘normal Finland’? She discusses a few older books as well as more recent ones. The latter category includes examples of ”representations of everyday life that can challenge but also change how ‘normal Finland’, as well as ‘normal Finns’, are understood”. Marianna Koljonen interviews Mona Eid, Head of Administration at Ruskeat Tytöt (’Brown Girls’) writing Academy. Ruskeat tytöt aims to educate and empower racialized non-whites by writing fictional and non-fiction texts. Both of these articles relate to a seminar IBBY Finland hosted to celebrate International Children´s Book Day 2018. The seminar was titled ”Children’s book preventing racism” and it was held 27th March. More about the seminar in Marianna Koljonen´s coverage.

Illustrator and author Sanna Pelliccioni writes about creating a wordless picture book about refugees. We Had to Leave is a story about one family’s journey to safety. Silent Books on Finnish soil tells about the Silent Books collection which IBBY Finland brought to Finland in March 2018. The collection consists of 51 wordless picture books and it visited three libraries in Helsinki before leaving to Ukraine.

Teresia Volotinen´s article introduces a wide range of Finnish books for young people with disabilities. Article also includes a short review about the history of The IBBY Collection of Books for Young People with Disabilities.

The last but certainly not the least is Marketta Könönen´s article about the 20th Anni Swan Medal, IBBY Finland’s prize for children and young people’s literature. The award was named after the Finnish children and young adults’ author, translator and journalist Anni Swan who was born in 1875. In May 2018 the medal was given to Anneli Kanto.

Finnish Children’s and Youth Books XVI also includes children´s and youth book reviews.

Literary Regards,
Jutta Setälä
Editor in Chief

This issue of Finnish Children’s and Youth Books was edited by Marianna Koljonen, Noora Miettinen, Teresia Volotinen and Jutta Setälä and translated by Merja Lammi Rechsteiner and Marianna Koljonen. IBBY Finland wishes to acknowledge the financial support by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.


Finnish Children’s and Youth Books XVI



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