[review] Anna Hallava: The Frog Princess & Operation Lip Fire

Hallava, Anna9789510413395_frontcover_final 9789510406519_frontcover_final
Sammakkoprinsessa [’The Frog Princess’]
WSOY 2015
ISBN 978-954-0-40651-9

Operaatio Huulituli [’Operation Lip Fire’]
WSOY 2016
ISBN 978-951-0-41339-5

Anna Hallava is a new Finnish author that brought a new genre to the Finnish YA literature scene: chick lit with a fantasy twist. The heroine in her books is Ophelia, a young girl who finds out on her 14th birthday that she is half fairy. And that is not all: she is also the crown princess of the fairy world!

Finding out that you are half fairy is not easy. Suddenly you get to know that your own mother is actually an exiled fairy princess, who handed down her crown so that she could marry Ophelia’s father, a human. And because the reigning queen has no children, Ophelia is the heir to the throne. Quite a lot to process on the morning of your birthday! On top of all of this, Ophelia hears that she has been granted a gift. The gift is called Knowing your love, and it changes everything for Ophelia. Because of the gift, she cannot kiss anyone else but her true love. Oh no! This destroys her plans to kiss Jetro, a hot nerdy guy who is the object of her dreams.

The two books follow Ophelia’s journey towards the throne. She is easily distracted and hormones quite often take control of her. She is reluctant to learn the ways of the fae but eager to party. All in all, she is just a normal teenager. Following her stumbles in the royal world and the attempts to restrain her eager desire to kiss every male in sight are hilarious to read. These books are pink, full of candy cotton and because of that, perfect entertainment. Hallava also skilfully weaves some social critique into her books, showing the world of fae as sharply divided into the rich and the poor.

Suvi Oksanen, 11/2016


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