[review] Häkkinen, Issakainen, Rahkonen & Tonteri: A said Agricola

Kaisa Häkkinen, Tytti Issakainen, Pekka Rahkonen & Maisa Tonteri
A sanoi Agricola
A said Agricola

Lasten Keskus 2017
ISBN 9789522885425

A said Agricola is an educational children’s picturebook about” the father of literary Finnish”, Mikael Agricola, and his work as he developed the standard form for written Finnish. The story is told from his son’s, Kristian Agricola’s, viewpoint as he retells it to his own son.

The book consists of informative sections about Mikael Agricola and Kristian Agricola’s lives, the birth of written Finnish language, the conversations school children had 500 years ago and today and an extensive reading list for further reading.

Every spread of the book is fully illustrated and tells about a certain year in Agricola’s life. Every new spread also introduces a few words invented or transcripted by Agricola. These words work well as conversation starters about etymology for child and adult readers. The story is easy to follow and is suited for readers of all ages.

Pia Göös


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